Mobile App Think Tank - Group Discussions

Weekly Live Virtual Group Discussion - Wherever you are in your mobile app process, this can help. From idea to monetizing & everything in between.

      Instructor: Nancy Lucchesi's

Founder of Unleashed Mobile Apps and number 1 bestselling author, Nancy Lucchesi’s work centers around helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. After several decades of business experience, primarily in sales, Nancy finds joy and satisfaction in helping business owners succeed. She considers local businesses the heart and soul of this country. Nancy’s favorite part of work comes when her clients grow their businesses through technology. 

Course Summary

In this course you will learn how to optimize your app monetization, how to keep your clients engaged and the necessary strategy's to grow. And most importantly you will have access to our live virtual discussions.

Course Curriculum

Stacey Naumczik

Survive Society

The App Mama virtual group is incredible.
It gave me the knowledge that I have been searching for to market the best way for my business and app.
If you want to increase your sales I would join the group.

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